Guiding Leaders to Success at the Highest Level

Success at the highest level does not come easy. But it DOES come much easier and faster when you walk your chosen path with a “silent partner”, an experienced executive coach who always has your best interest in mind….

Richard Kirby is an unusual mix of multiple elements… keen analytical problem-solving skills honed as a registered professional engineer (electrical) combined with people and communications skills developed over a 12 year career in sales management.

When Richard chose to leave the corporate world in 2002 and strike out on his own, he chose coaching. He recognized that he had been coaching and mentoring his peers and employees his whole career. It was something he enjoyed. It was meaningful for him to help others. And their successes became his successes.

In order to make the transition from corporate sales leader to entrepreneur as an executive coach, Richard took his own advice and got a coach. He developed a comprehensive, structured, process-driven program (That’s what engineers do:-). He “interned” with an experienced coach. He also worked to achieve confirming credentials as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a Board Certified Coach (BCC).

His first two coaching clients were a VP of Marketing of a $150MM financial services company and a CFO of a $1.2B food distributor. Since then, he has successfully coached an unusually diverse set of executives in a wide range of industries. The majority of those executives have been in finance, marketing, and sales.

In 2014, Richard was recruited by Vistage International to enter their business coaching program and trained extensively in their processes. Since 2015 he has led a Vistage peer group for small business owners in a wide range of industries and ownership configurations.

Richard enjoys music, golf, and travel. He has three children and two grandchildren living in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Cologne, Germany.