CAREER Book Information

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Would you like to get a better job, make more money, or advance your career more rapidly? If so, learning from Richard’s successful clients will help you
  • Discover career options that are more enjoyable
  • Capture future jobs … smarter/faster/sooner
  • Shift your career onto a faster track
  • Get paid what you are truly worth
As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Board Certified Coach (in the career field), Richard has mentored hundreds of executive and professional career seekers over the past 19+ years. He has worked extensively in every aspect of career planning and career/job change, and drew upon his real-world experiences to write Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career!).
If you would like to re-direct yourself into a new profession or industry, identify more job opportunities than you can see published on the internet (less that 15% of all jobs), improve your job interviewing skills, or speed up a job search that is dragging out, this book is for you!
It provides case studies of actual clients, easy to implement strategies, and specific chapter-by-chapter exercises you can apply to propel your career forward in any job market.