Guiding Careers to Success at the Highest Level

“… Richard always had my best interests in mind. His thorough process and personalized support allowed me to focus my efforts, present myself optimally, and negotiate the best deal. His value add was most definitely worth the investment. I can’t thank him enough for assisting me to land so quickly!!Ira, CFO
Face it: You may be a pro at “what you do” on the job, but you are a novice at managing your career. They don’t teach this stuff in MBA courses or other higher education programs.
Success at the highest level does not come easy. But, it DOES come much easier and faster when you walk your chosen path with a “silent partner”, an experienced executive coach who always has your best interest in mind….
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No one can objectively evaluate themselves. And few people can assimilate sporadic, random, inconsistent advice from multiple sources of uncertain value into a coherent career plan. And even with a plan, life gets in the way and even fewer can hold themselves accountable to enact their plan with normal  work and life demands. And objectively self-critiquing to adjust strategically when things aren’t going well? Not gonna happen:-)
A trained, experienced, and competent coach (Richard) will see what you don’t see, question what you take as intuitively obvious, challenge you to re-evaluate your beliefs and  conclusions, help adjust your strategies and actions, and hold you accountable to act in your own best interest:
  • So you have more confidence and target desirable next steps ….  by thinking more deeply about your career situation, taking assessments to clarify your future options, and setting lofty goals
  • So you have a thoughtful, written roadmap to your goal ….  by writing your unique “career plan” that is the foundation for your current and future strategic actions
  • So you take more effective actions that catapult you forward to your goals….  by translating the strategies in your career plan into specific actions as you are held accountable for your effort…. while receiving expert guidance and encouragement
All of this results in better outcomes, sooner rather than later! Better outcomes sooner, time and time again, result in more income, career satisfaction, and personal happiness.
Don’t you deserve this? 
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