One on One Coaching and Consulting

“Richard is a personable, savvy and high integrity career coach. Richard was instrumental in strengthening my resume, interviewing, and personal brand skills, and helped me obtain my current position as President and CEO ….” Wes
“Working with Richard had a huge impact on my life. …. and helped me find a great position in a leading industry company.”  Odelia
How can Richard help YOU to better define and achieve your career dreams to create a better future for you and those you value? Click on the above image to get some initial ideas from Richard. And click here to see some of Richard’s dozens of client recommendations on LinkedIn.

The following career programs apply marketing and sales strategies to different aspects of career planning and career change, thus empowering you to succeed in today’s ever-changing employment market.
They provide a focused plan of action that will guide you to take control of your career results and achieve your career goals smarter/better/faster.
If you are not seeking a career/job change at this time and instead need a customized program to help you achieve other goals, speak with Richard about the feasibility of developing such a program.
The following copyrighted, standardized programs and stand-alone services are listed from most robust to least robust (in terms of scope of support and information). Each is customized to your specific needs and In each you will work one-on-one with Richard:
  • Quantum Leap™ Executive Program (higher incomes)
  • Quantum Leap™ Professional Program (mid/moderate incomes)
  • Quantum Leap™ Career Assessment Program (career options)
  • Resume Analysis and Enhancement,LinkedIn Analysis and Enhancement, or Job Interviewing Enhancement
Richard is a member of the Georgia Career Development Association

Listen to a long-format audio podcast interview of Richard, chock full of career tips you can use. NOTE: The website URL and contact number mentioned in this interview have changed.