Richard Kirby is The K Factor

Success at the highest level does not come easy. But, it DOES come much easier and faster when you walk your chosen path with a “silent partner”, an experienced executive coach who always has your best interest in mind….
Richard Kirby is experienced in identifying the full potential of talented business owners and executives… and then helping them achieve their potential.
Richard’s skills, gained through 15+ years of executive coaching and 20+ years of corporate management, have proven time and again to be the right CATALYST to inspire and mentor client success ….  one critical decision at a time.

The K Factor:

Inspirational + Analytical = Inevitable

Richard inspires you to go beyond your self-limiting beliefs and helps you analyze your situation to identify and create optimal solutions….  thus making your success at a higher level inevitable.

Who I work with

Business owners/entrepreneurs who:

  • Feel isolated, with everything on their shoulders
  • Working too much IN, rather than ON the business
  • Have struggled with serious and costly decisions
  • Want better strategies, accountability, and results

Corporate executives who:

  • Are ready to take control, make a positive change
  • Feel underutilized, underappreciated, or both
  • Desire more income, balance, and enjoyment
  • Want an effective, proven plan of action

The Results

Business owners/entrepreneurs

  • Become a more confident leader
  • Make better decisions and increase profits
  • Work ON the business to grow and expand
  • Leverage people through effective delegation
  • Work less hours, enjoy better work/life balance

Corporate executives

  • Take control of your career direction
  • Leverage your strengths for more income
  • Make career changes on your own timetable
  • Develop your own unique career strategies

Why it works

Business owners/entrepreneurs:

  • Richard’s 1:2:1 coaching provides strategies and action plans
  • Richard supports you and holds you accountable
  • Your Vistage peer group shares their knowledge and experience
  • Vistage expert speakers educate and inform you

Corporate executives

  • Richard’s 1:2:1 coaching provides strategies and action plans
  • Richard supports you and holds you accountable
  • You gain confidence and make better career decisions
  • Clear strategies inspire successful actions

Work with Richard

Business Success Coach for Owners/Entrepreneurs

(1) Richard leads a Vistage International group of Atlanta metro small business owners with $1MM to $10MM in annual revenues.
(2) Richard also offers stand-alone executive coaching for aspiring business owners and executives.

Contact Richard

Executive Career Consultant for Corporate Executives

Richard works with C-level and mid-level executives to advance their careers…  especially those employed and wanting to make a confidential job change.

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